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Trey before a bath

A Freshly Rescued Trey

At Hope Pet Rescue we do our best to find forever homes to as many animals as possible. For example, Trey was rescued as a stray two years ago from Chicago ACC. He was in bad need of some grooming.


Trey was adopted by a loving family and his name was changed to Zeke. Shortly after adoption, Zeke became very ill for awhile, but his new family took excellent care of him.


After being nursed back to health, Zeke became the light of his new adopted family’s lives. Zeke can now be found spending time with his loving family or at daycare proudly showing off his fresh haircut.


There are many ways to support Hope Pet Rescue and help more animals like Zeke find their forever homes.

A Proud and Happy Zeke

A Proud and Happy Zeke

Hope Pet Rescue is constantly in need of fosters. For each animal fostered, Hope Pet Rescue can rescue another animal. Visit our foster page to learn more about fostering, check out our foster of the week or just fill out a foster application.


If you don’t have the ability to foster, then consider making a donation. Check out the donation page to donate and learn about how your donation will be used to rescue animals.


Volunteering your time as a transport coordinator, at adoption events or provide administrative help. Visit our volunteer page to learn more about volunteering opportunities or just fill out the volunteer application.